Tax Inspection and Enquiry Service

In their quest to ensure tax compliance, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) selects about 2% of returns for a full enquiry each year. Just because the HMRC starts an enquiry doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. They need to ensure everyone pays the “right amount of tax”. With the HMRC becoming stricter with non-compliant taxpayers, the powers of Tax Inspectors are increasing e.g. increased powers to request different forms of information and obtaining access to premises. Heres where we can help..

Our vast experience in dealing with tax enquiry situations enables us to guide you through the tax inspection process. We have experience in dealing with all forms of tax investigations and have detailed knowledge on the rights of the taxpayer and the powers of the HMRC.

As well as guide you through the tax investigation process, we can also negotiate directly with HMRC to ensure that tax, interest charges and penalties are minimised.

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